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Savannah, GA

Roster: The Knight, Reflex, Apex, Enjo, Lady Justice, Wifi

About this branch: The founding branch of The Astrals. The Savannah Branch is the starting point for everything The Astrals has become.

Things they help with: Helping victims get a voice, homeless aid, fundraisers.

Contact details:



Ann Arbor, MI

Roster: The.Amazing

About this branch: The Astrals provide a safe, anonymous, and secure way for people to report their issues to the police, and to the community at large. Through media campaigning and awareness, the people of Ann Arbor will become aware of the Astrals’ social media pages, email address, and website. People who find the Astrals useful can contact the Astrals with information regarding crimes, and the Astrals will then communicate that information to their contacts in the Ann Arbor Police Department. The Astrals also strive to give those who report updates on their case, as frequently as the police can provide or will allow.

Things they help with: Feeding the homeless, fundraisers

Contact details:

Email: theastralsofannarbor(@)gmail.com


Roster: Discordia

About this branch: Having been around since 2010 and moving to the area in 2014, Discordia joined the Astrals in 2019 and has put their experience to use for the betterment of the local community and the team as a whole.

Things they help with: Homeless aid, crime prevention, occult issues, cyber investigation

Contact details:

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Email: discordia(@)rlsh.net

Edinburgh, Scotland

Roster: Grey Shadow

About this branch: Formed in late 2019, The Astrals of Edinburgh are currently the only branch to be based outside of the United States. The Edinburgh Astrals aims to help support Police Scotland by giving victims of crime an alternative route to report crimes should the victim be unwilling to go to the police. This is also closely tied in with regular patrols to go out and help provide for the homeless and less fortunate while keeping an eye out for any crimes that need reporting. As of current restrictions in Scotland, it has been hard for the Edinburgh Astrals to help, however, with vaccinations happing across Scotland, the team of one is getting ready to go out and help as soon as possible.

Things they help with: Anonymous crime reporting, Homeless outreach, and support

Contact: theastralsofedinburgh(@)gmail.com